Cross Channel

Most cable systems have between 20-25% of their overall system inventory for branding and promotion. It is a very cumbersome process to try and fill the inventory internally and keep it fresh and interesting without an organized cross-channel/tune-in program.

While many systems have a capability to tag spots, they generally are focused on more ad sales production. Eventually what happens is that the inventory gets under utilized and taken over by ad sales.

With a program like ours, it gives the opportunity to ensure that all spots are branded uniquely with consistency and with a more professional look. It gives marketing more control and flexibility over using it. While it isn’t quantifiable like non-subscription acquisition, it enables you to promote image, branding, awareness, and is also a key upgrade opportunity (i.e. Internet, Digital, Phone, HDTV, DVR). However, over time, the implementation of a cross-channel program proves to be one of the most valuable and cost-effective retention tools. Plus, with the ability to produce relatively low-cost, professional quality ads, you can do all sorts of things, like “How to order PPV,” or any other kind of special messaging you might want to do.

PLP was the first to develop and produce the concept of Cross-Channel Programs and set the benchmark for the cable industry.

Our program is totally turn-key and totally terrific.